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Relyon was tested by a 3rd party testing facility using the Consumer Product Safety Commission's protocol and standards for the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

We fulfilled the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700, including Part 1700.15 & Part 1700.20.

This certifies that our product complies with ASTM standard D3475-17.

Testing process

The requirements our pouches needed, and did meet to be certified child resistant were: 

  • A panel of 100 children between the ages of 42-51 months are given 10 minutes to get into the pouch. They are instructed to open the pouch by any means necessary, including using their teeth. If more than 10 children get into the pouch, the pouch fails. 

  • A panel of 50 senior citizens (50-70 years old) are given 5 minutes to both open and re-close the pouch. if more than 10 people fail the test, the pouch fails. 

The purpose of the test is to show that opening the pouch is hard enough for children not to get in, but easy enough for senior citizens to get in. 

Zipper Instructions

Child Resistant Cannabis Bag Zipper

Bracket Testing

Shannon packaging utilized bracket testing by having our largest bag width (12" OD) and our smallest bag width (3" OD) tested and approved. Although limited to 3"-12" OD width, our height OD can reach up to 26". The integrity of the child resistant zipper does not change based on the height increasing. Our stocked bags are designed to cover 90% of what we see in the market, however, our custom bags are what separate us from the competition. Nobody has the flexibility for sizing like we do as most companies only have certification on one or two sizes.

Clear & Opaque Film Options


Patent Protected

Complies with State Regulations

Child Resistant

 Tamper Evident

 Maximize Shelf Life

Protect Your Flavor Profile

 Uncompromised Barrier Protection

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