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cannabis Resources

Staying up to date on the ever changing cannabis industry is tough. Here are a few resources that we use to stay current on laws and regulations, licenses, and the do's and dont's of cannabis packaging.

You just got your license to start selling cannabis. Great! Now you just need to make sure you stay within the packaging guidelines set by the state. California has strict information that can and cannot be put on packaging containing cannabis. Whether it is flower, edible, or vape, the last thing you need is the government knocking on your door because you put an image that looked like a popular cartoon character (which is illegal as it entices kids to get inside the pouch). 

Labeling Requirements

After you buy our stocked pouches, time to make it your own. When designing a label, there are certain rules to follow to be in compliance with the state. For instance, you are not allowed to use designs that would appeal to children. Once your design and concept is proven in the marketplace, we will help take you to the next level with printed pouches. Printed pouches will help save you time, money, and make your brand more appealing when sitting on the shelf. 

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Although Cannabis is legal for recreational use in California, the laws are still evolving. Whether building a grow, distribution company, or brand, staying in code is essential to staying in business. This is the official California state website designed to keep you up to date on all laws and regulations that can effect your company. Looking to make a comment about the current and/or proposed cannabis laws, this site has multiple ways to make sure your voice is heard. 

In recent years, more and more states are legalizing cannabis both medicinally and for recreational use.  Knowing which states allow recreational use, medicinal use, or don't allow cannabis at all will help shape your marketing and sales plans. This website not only has a cool interactive map showing which states are legal, but also shares cannabis news articles relating to law propositions and health studies. 

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Looking to get into the cannabis industry in California? This website will give you all the tools to get licensed. Different licenses may be needed if you are trying to impact different sectors of the industry. A cultivators license is different from a retail license for instance. Getting a license can be a lengthy and tedious process. Be sure to read each link on this site and have all necessary documentation at the ready. Once licenses, it is important to know tax rates for a proper business plan. This site shows sales, excise, and cultivation taxes for California.

For all other California packaging and labeling questions, use this site. 

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