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Eighth Ounce

3.75x6x2 O.D. Stand Up Pouch  

White Color Part # - CR18W

Black Color Part # - CR18B

An eighth oz of cannabis flower is equivalent to 3.5 grams. This is the most common weight purchased by cannabis users. Built for the causal consumer, this amount is generally inexpensive, but has enough product to avoid going to the store everyday. This pouch is the ideal size for multi-serving edibles. 

All Stock pouches are 5mil and labeled with instructions for adult use. Our FOIL pouch material is specifically designed for low oxygen, low moisture vapor, and UV resistance. Due to excellent barrier characteristics, our pouches provide longer shelf life than other competitor's metalized films (as they are not foil). Foil also enables our bag to excel in applications that require nitrogen filling and/or flushing

Stock 1/8oz Child Resistant Bags
1/8oz Child Resistant Bag for Edibles

Our pouches are patent protected and 3rd party certified to be both child resistant and tamper evident. We manufacture our pouches in California and have full control over each pouch made giving you ease of mind that your product will be protected.


We have over 600,000 pouches stocked on our shelves ready to be shipped. Started at only 1,000 pouches per case, we offer you the ability to use our bags in small quantities and experiment with new designs and flavors. Once you prove your concept in the marketplace, we can work with you to create a custom printed pouch either digitally or using flexo printing.

For pricing and other details. Email us at or give us a call at 909-591-8768

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