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Build your brand with shannon pkg

in only 4 easy steps

Whether you want to print a simple 1 color logo or a full color work of art, our team is dedicated to taking your brand from design concept to finished product in only 4 weeks. We understand that your brand is everything and that your packaging has to be as great as your flower, edible, vape, gel, oil, cream, etc.

When starting a new brand, or releasing new SKUs, committing to thousands of printed bags can be tough. How will the market react to the subject matter? is the flavor profile correct? Is the price point valid? Shannon's stock stand up pouches are perfect for customers that need a quick and easy solution. Our minimum order quantity is only 1,000 bags with immediate shipment. These bags are great for R&D, trial, beta testing, and market introduction phases of product development. 

Give us your own design, or allow us to design for you. Our art department has the knowledge in both marketing and pouch printing to take your brand from a dream to reality. 



A master proof illustrates how the finalized art interacts with the technical drawings on the pouch.  If needed, sample proofs can be made. Once signed, we are on our way to production.

Art Approval


Digital for short runs and flexo for long. We have over 21 printing options to help save you money, shorten lead times, and create different texture elements on the film.



We have 17  pouch machines in house to decrease lead time. Each pouch is inspected by trained technicians who make sure we deliver only the highest quality pouches.



Clear & Opaque Film Options Available

Custom pouch sizes

If one of our stocked pouches does not meet your specification, no worries. Shannon Packaging utilized bracket testing by having our smallest and largest bag width tested and approved. Although limited to 3"-12" OD width, our height OD can reach up to 26". The integrity of the child resistant zipper does not change based on the height increasing. Many of our competitors have "out of the country" certification or are only certified on one size. Every bag we ship inside our bracketed width will be child resistant certified.


Custom Sizes Child Resistant Cannabis Bags





Pouch Design 101

Our in-house art department is here to apply your art concept onto pouch layouts. Their extensive knowledge on digital and flexo printing will help guide you to not only make a great design, but help with efficiency and tolerances when film goes on the press.

Proper Pouch Size

Nothing worse than picking up a pouch that is only quarter full. Your initial reaction is your getting ripped off. Send us samples and we can make custom sizing to make full pouch that sits confidentially on the shelf.

Custom Child Resistant Bags

Convey a Short, Strong Message

Sometimes less is more. Don't make a potential customer do more work than they need too. The glitz and glam is nice, but  is it necessary? Center their attention to what matters most about your product/company.

Custom Child Resistant Bags

Create an Experience

How will the consumer use your product? Consumers buy on experience, not just product. Create a reaction/emotion when they look at your pouch. Remind them of the olden days, family, or a fun night out.

Custom Child Resistant Bags

Focus on Your Target Market

Understand who you want to buy your product. Create a design and colorway that speaks to them. If targeting parents, find something that would appeal to them and not a single bachelor.

Custom Child Resistant Bags

Soldaze Print Job

Custom Child Resistant Bags
Custom Child Resistant Bags

Flap Pouch 


When closed, the flap pouch looks like a wallet, easy for transport. In the world of go go go, consumers want a product they can easily go on with their day with. Put your branding and logo on both the front and back. This unique pouch design will entice your customers to buy you, instead of your competition. 


When opened, you will see 2 individual slots. The bottom will have the child resistant zipper to keep your cannabis product fresh and safe from children. The top will be an open slit to house your different smoking devices (lighter/papers). This is also a great place to put in a company giveaway, an extra little surprise for your customer. This pouch now gives you twice as much branding communication with your customer to build a better relationship. 

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