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Child Resistant Flower Bags


From the moment you pick the flower, the clock starts ticking. Getting your product tested, distributed, sitting at the retailer, and to the end user’s home can be a long process. You need a packaging option built to keep your product fresh and maintain it's flavor qualities. RELYON is not only designed to be child resistant, but creates an ecosystem designed to maximize your shelf life.

If child resistant isn't needed, Shannon Packaging offers an abundance of film materials and pouch sizes to house and protect any amount of product. Custom sized pouches are our specialty. We can hand make samples for you to create the perfect form fitting pouch for your product.

Testing facility

Wouldn't it be nice to give your customers customized tamper evident packaging with clear instructions on how to send in samples? Make the sample pouch your personal fill in information guide. No more getting lost in email chains or hunting down old paperwork.

With cannabis laws changing left and right, it is hard for growers to know what information labs need to test their product. Custom info pouches will speed up processes, get information directly from the source (the grower, not accounting), and allows for easy record filing. 


These pouches also act as a great marketing tool. 

Cannabis Testing Facility Bags
Custom Edible Child Resistant Bags



When shopping, a buyer is drawn in by cool artwork, intrigued by the perceived value of a well filled pouch, and committed to a brand that tastes great. You, as a brand, must deliver on value, quality, and the "it" factor. 

RELYON pouches will help you deliver all 3 to the customer. Customized art capabilities, foil barrier material to extend shelf life, and stocked/custom pouch sizes will get your product chosen over the competition.

Our pouches come unzipped for easy fills. Once the 4th seal has been made, you have a hermetically sealed child resistant pouch giving you the sales advantage on all non child resistant pouches. Safety for kids, and cheap insurance if something goes wrong. RELYON allows for you to sleep easy knowing you went the extra step to keep the public safe.


A cultivator, producer, or retailer cannot transport product themselves. They must hire 3rd party licensed distributors who play a vital role in the speediness of logistics and quality control. It is their job to keep the integrity of all packaging and verify the product has not been tampered with. 

A distributor can trust us to create great seals, zippers, and laminations so pouches stay intact during shipping.

Child Resistant Bags for Cannabis Distribution
Custome Child Resistant Cannais Bags


Let's talk Exit Bags. This is the perfect time to grow your brand. An exit bag can be used as marketing to reinforce brand loyalty. Picture this. I'm a customer who has purchased some party favors for a party. When I walk into the party, I am carrying an exit bag with a fire breathing dragon. It becomes a conversation piece for all who see it. We aren't talking so much about the cannabis inside, but more so about your retail shop's brand and what an enjoyable experience I had going there. 

Place your telephone number, address, cool logo, anything you want on the pouch. Make your customers your sales people and recruit other potential customers. Invest in your packaging. Invest in your brand!

end user

Safety has always been our goal when it comes to creating the RelyOn pouch. As an ASTM certified child proof pouch, you can sleep easy knowing your child will be protected from the contents inside the pouch. 

Our 2-step zipper, odor eliminating foil material, and strong seals create an ecosystem that keeps your cannabis products fresh and out of reach from your children. 

Do not worry, your grandma and grandpa will be able to get in. Our pouch is the perfect balance of hard for children, yet easy for the elderly. 

Child Resistant Cannabis Bags
Child Resistant Bags for Hazardous Materials

other markets

Although our target market for our pouches is the cannabis market, our pouches can be used for all sorts of applications that require child resistant.

Fertilizers, laundry pods, pool chemicals, medicine, etc.

Even if child resistant packaging is not required by law for your product, using one of our pouches can act as cheap insurance in case something goes wrong with a child and your product. Have ease of mind when your in the courtroom. You went above and beyond what was required of you to help keep the community safe. 

small business start-ups

Bike Tours. Bed & Breakfast. Art Class. Cannabis Florist. Delivery Service.  Packaging Specialists. Cannabis & Food Pairing Restaurant. 

The cannabis industry has opened the door to many new innovative businesses. Going the extra step by providing your product in child proof packaging can help gain you better reviews and prevent potential lawsuits. 

Get custom printed bags to help grow your brand either at your place of business or as a marketing plan. Instead of a flyer handout, how about a pouch handout with a prize inside?

Child Resistant Bags for Small Businesses
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