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The RELYON pouch is both child resistant and tamper evident. Most pouch solutions in the marketplace are one or the other, but not both. Once the pouch is filled with your product and heat sealed by your team, a high barrier ecosystem is created. This ecosystem protects your product's flavor profile while maximizing shelf life. 

Available in both black and white, we have 6 different patent protected pouch sizes ready to fit all your needs. We have over 600,000  pouches stocked and ready to be shipped at a moments notice.


When starting a new brand, or releasing new skus, committing to thousands of printed bags can be tough to do. How will the market react to our branding? Did we size the pouch correctly? Should we have used Helvetica instead of Times New Roman? These are all common questions that arise after the market first sees the product. Our Stocked Bag program is perfect for quick fills to supply an unexpected order or testing new products to the market. Simply take our pouches and apply labels for market testing. Once you find the design that works best, we can then create custom printed pouches using digital or flexo printing. 

For pricing and other details. Email us at or give us a call at 909-591-8768

Stock Child Proof Canabis bags

Pouch Characteristics

All stock pouches are 5mil and labeled with instructions for adult use on how to open the zipper. Our foil pouch material is specifically designed for low oxygen, low moisture vapor and UV resistance. Our pouches provide longer shelf life than other competitor's metalized films (as they are not foil). Foil also allows our pouch to excel in applications that require nitrogen filling and/or flushing.

After filling the pouch with your product, just add a 4th seal and your pouch is hermetically sealed. 

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